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We specialise in Business Consulting Services – Governance, Strategic Planning, Leadership, Change Management and NDIS business planning for the Not-for-Profit and Indigenous Business sectors.

Yiramiilan (pronounced yira-mee-lan) is a word from the Wiradjuri Aboriginal language that means sun rising. This has been chosen as the name of our business because it represents the dawning of a new day. At Yiramiilan Services our aim is to help individuals and businesses approach existing business problems as a new day with optimism and purpose.

Change Forward

NDIS Business Planning

We recently worked for a NDIS provider through the roll-out of the scheme to position the business to smoothly transition to the scheme while at the same time delivering a significant increase in the size of the organisation over a three year period.

We can help with:

  • Workforce development solutions
  • Business analysis and modelling
  • Strategic Planning
Yiramiilan Services

Our Specialties


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Operations improvement services

Leadership development

Talent management

Training Needs analysis

Training skills matrix

Business planning and modelling

Management Dashboards

Workshop Facilitation


Our most popular workshops

These are some of our most popular workshops which are relevant to all types of businesses.

Workshops can be customised to suit the specific needs of your organisation so that workshop participants receive the best value for their time investment.

Introduction to Front Line leadership

Designed to be run over 8 x 2hr sessions spread over a two month period.

Change Management

To provide participants with the skills necessary to manage change in their business environment.

Practical Performance Management

Designed to improve the confidence and skill of front line managers in dealing with staff performance issues.

Lean Thinking

Lean Thinking workshop topics can be blended together as one program or run as standalone sessions to address specific areas of your business.

From Our Founder

Successful organisations are no accident

After working for many years in a diverse range of industries it is clear that all businesses have many issues in common. Drawing on this range of experience allows the team at Yiramillan Services to provide practical advice and support to business owners and managers across a range of sectors.

Fundamentally, businesses are a collection of people and processes with an injection of capital that have been put together to deliver a product or service. Our in-depth understanding of the operations of organisations through people and processes allows us to work with you to deliver effective business outcomes.


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Your Business Needs a Dashboard

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I’m Too Busy To Get Help.

I’m Too Busy To Get Help.

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