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These are some of our most popular workshops which are relevant to all types of businesses.

Workshops can be customised to suit the specific needs of your organisation so that workshop participants receive the best value for their time investment.

Practical Performance management

This workshop provides practical hands on advice on managing staff performance. This workshop is designed to improve the confidence and skill of front line managers in dealing with staff performance issues.

Ideally suited to new team leaders, supervisors and managers.

Workshops are kept small in size so that there is ample time to practice the skills in a supportive environment.

Change Management

Managing change well is a key activity for many managers. The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with the skills necessary to manage change in their business environment.

Topics covered include:

  • Reasons for change
  • Impacts of change
  • Communicating change
  • Resistance to change
  • Practical tools for introducing change

Business in the NDIS environment

This is the perfect workshop to suit an organisation looking to reinvigorate itself in the NDIS environment. This workshop is customised to suit the particular ‘pain points’ of your organisation in transitioning into a high performance organisation.

Lean Thinking

We have a number of Lean Thinking workshop topics that can be blended together as one program or run as standalone sessions to address specific areas of your business.

Some of the more popular topics include:

The 7 Wastes of LEAN:

  • Learn to identify the main types of waste in the organisation that affect business performance.

Implementing 5S:

  • Learn the basics of setting up a more productive workspace. This workshop often pairs with the 7 Wastes of Lean workshop.

Problem solving basics:

  • One or two day workshop format that develops skills in problem solving techniques while focussing on actual examples from your own business.

Starting out in Visual Management:

  • Short workshop on the key concepts of Visual Management that can be applied to all types of businesses.

Problem Solving skills

This workshop takes you through the use of the key problem-solving tools to teach you how they can be applied to problems in your workplace. This full-day program provides you with skills and techniques that can be implemented immediately to a variety of workplace situations.

Introduction to Front Line leadership

This workshop series is designed to be run over 8 x 2hr sessions spread over a two month period. The format provides an opportunity for participants to practice the skills and to receive coaching and mentoring. This workshop can be customised to suit the particular needs of your organisation.

Strategic Planning

This is a facilitation workshop where one of our team leads your through a strategic planning session.

Increasing Organisational Effectiveness

This workshop is a kick-starter activity that is designed to help you and your team look your business to identify opportunities within your business to improve overall effectiveness.

This starts with a business diagnostic that we run in your business through a range of mechanisms including data analysis, a survey and interviews with stakeholders to develop ‘current state’ overview.

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Overview of our Process


We work with you to clearly understand the issues affecting your business and what outcomes you seek to achieve with our assistance. This involves developing an understanding of what success looks like for your organisation.

Measure and analyse

This stage looks at the current state of your business based on existing corporate information. We look to analyse your current state and set a baseline of performance. Previous clients have found this quite a revealing activity and has given them greater insights into the current state.

Improve and control

This is where we work with you to implement solutions that are practical and sustainable. The aim here is to have your team manage the improvements in an ongoing, self-sustaining way that become part of the fabric of your organisation.

Our Clients

Our experience is your success

TAFE Western Sydney

I have always been in awe of the way in which John inspires everyone around him with his enthusiasm, passion and knowledge. He is a particularly humble person, where other people run around taking the credit for other people's work, John just quietly gets on with the job and always with the utmost professionalism and humour.

Sharon K – TAFE Western Sydney

Danisman Consulting

John is a pragmatic person with a great ability to quickly review and provide meaningful solutions to business issues. He takes great care to ensure all viewpoints are covered, resulting in positive and enduring change.

Yasar A – Danisman Consulting

Thorndale Foundation

John has been mentor and coach to me and has shared his depth of knowledge of business and the NDIS to help me and our organisation grow as a professional NDIS provider. He has the ability to see issues from a range of perspectives in order to create realistic and practical solutions to many business problems.

Vanessa R - Thorndale Foundation

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